Come and volunteer with us!

Volunteering opportunities are flexible and are designed to fit around the time you have available to volunteer.

There are two main roles for adults in Scouting: working with young people and supporting those who work with them. Whatever your age or ability, everyone has something to offer Scouting and there are lots of ways to get involved:

“Part of Scouting’s modern appeal to adults is our approach to flexible volunteering, it’s great when people can make a regular commitment to help but we know it’s not always possible.”


Running activities for young people

Work with a small leadership team to help plan and deliver an exciting programme for members of the group. You can do this on a flexible basis: be it weekly, bi-weekly, once a month or as it suits you.

Become a volunteer manager

Our volunteer managers provide support and guidance to other adult volunteers so they are motivated and inspired to provide first class opportunities for young people. Whether it’s some one to talk to or thank them, or practical help with managing resources and recruiting other volunteers. These are important and rewarding roles.

Providing expertise

Help manage short projects, organise events, help manage funds, help with recruitment, marketing and publicity, deliver adult training or manage a volunteer team.

Helping to manage local Scouting

If you would like to help but don’t have the time to be a leader then our trustee roles on our Executive Committee are a great way of helping with minimal time commitment. Although the ‘executive’ bit in our committee’s title makes it sound very formal, it is not like that at all! Our committee is made up of people just like you!